Arresh Bartez

The caretaker of the estate you've lived in for the past 12 years.


Arresh Bartez


He’s the only adult you’ve known over the past 12 years. He is the master of the mansion that you’ve been living in. He stands just short of 6 feet tall. His slender physique, long white beard, and white skin should not be confused with frailty. Each of you has physically changed significantly over those 12 years, but he hasn’t changed a bit. There are a collection of 12 silver dots split in two parallel lines that start on his forehead. Each palm of his hand has another six dots, but these form a circle.

He’s taught everything you know. He’s provided everything for you – food, shelter, safety, comfort, knowledge, and skill. He’s helped mold each of you into who you are. “Father”, as those flying cat things call him, spends most of his time in his study. No matter what, he makes sure to make time each day to sit with you, both individually and collectively. Not a day has gone by without the words “the Prophecy” coming out of his mouth. Even though you don’t completely understand it, you all know that you have a big part to play in it and your very presence in the mansion has been prophesied.

It always seems as though his mind is busy in thought. He takes mental notes of every word and every action, no matter how small. If something catches his eye, he’ll pause for a moment and think silently as he strokes his long beard. Sometimes, he’ll get so lost in his thoughts that he goes into a trance and the blackness of his pupils overtakes the dark green of his eyes. The first few times were scary, but you’ve all grown to ignore it. He’s warm yet distant. You haven’t seen your family since you came here, but he’s treated you like his son every day you’ve been here.

For the past 12 years, Arresh Bartez has been everything you’ve known, and everything you’ve needed.

Arresh Bartez

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