Graeme's Quest

Graeme thought long how to go about obtaining the remaining items from the Silver Flame. He had two choices: go barging into the main compound and taking it by force, or drawing them out to him. He chose to utilize his connections to get the flame to move the items for him. And to lead them directly into his grasp.

Graeme contacted Johnny Talltale and asked to cash in a favor. Could he and his connects send words towards the Silver Flame hierarchy. He asked him to spread rumors of a force approaching the Argentum seeking the items for nefarious purposes. The rumor began among the templars and friars. They heard noise rising from the city deeps of a warforged intending to march on Flamekeep demanding the items, possibly by force if necessary. Slowly the rumors snowballed and morphed from a single warforged into the entirety of the warforged from the city depths rising against the Argentum.

Word came down from High Cardinal Krozen to Nystrum Shadar to move the remaining items along a caravan. Graeme asked Johnny to keep track of changes occurring with the flame. Due to the various groups Johnny is involved with, he heard of this caravan and its intended target – a hidden Silver Flame enclave in the mountains of The Starpeaks.

Graeme was ecstatic. This was a perfect turn of events. Their route was long and bound to be arduous. Somehow, Johnny even had knowledge of which carriage of the caravan carried the items. Graeme made haste and took off to Askelios. He arrived within a few days with his companion Johnny. They made camp outside the village near the base of the mountains. Graeme instructed johnny to remain hidden and he would message him when he should begin his approach to his location. From here on out, the only way this could work was if he was truly part of the Prophesied.

It took far longer for them to close in on The Starpeaks than Graeme expected, however he finally saw them arriving in the distance. He began preparing for the heist. He estimated it would take them 4 days travel to reach the enclave and 3 days travel to where he hid. He sat in deep contemplation and slowly a string of words form in his mind “It is time. My position is 7 miles due east, one due north. Climb into the fog and find my signal.” His position was high up in the peaks ahead of the enclave near the upper limit the fog line. The way to the enclave required the caravan to pass through the fog line into the peaks themselves, and Graeme used this to his advantage.

As the envoy entered the fog, Graeme caught sight of the carriage. Nondescript with an open and flat bed, he could make out the layout. A trunk laid near the front seat, with 2 guards facing the rear and one seated next to the driver. Johnny cast a spell and Graeme was invisible to a mundane eye. Graeme activated his dragonmark, and felt his energy level rise. He became almost unable to stand still, ready to dash away at a moments notice. He managed to maintain his concentration enough to imagine in his mind the carriage and where he wanted to be. He only had one shot to teleport into an empty spot within the caravan. Once cast, he’d have to rest before being able to cast again and he knew he wouldn’t get a chance on any other day. Miscalculate by an inch and the whole mission would be a failure. His brothers captured by the Lord of Blades would be as good as dead. He studied the caravan’s path and whispered a prayer to the SIlver Flame. He mouthed an incantation and immediately appeared in the carriage directly in front of the trunk facing it. He quickly grabbed the trunk as the monks turned around, hearing creaking of the wood. In the blink of an eye, he activated his dragonmark once again, this time with a different effect. He began to be surrounded by a silvery mist, the same color as the surrounding fog, disappearing within it. The guards yelled out, and the caravan stopped. It was too late as Graeme had teleported 30 feet into the fog, moving twice as fast as humanly possible, to where Johnny laid in wait. He hopped onto his means of escape, both quickly running down the mountain. The silver flame tried in vain searching the fog, unable to find who or what stole from the Argentum.


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