Another Day at the Compound

The faint sounds of someone struggling, yells and laughing woke Rhaegar from his sleep. He looks to his window….about dawn…he would have been angry if it had been earlier…he normally gets up this time to get in a fulls day of practice. Sitting up on his bed…he begins his daily meditation…he just needs to get an hour in and he’s ready to go. Just when he is about to start…he hears roaring laughter in the hallway that breaks his concentration. He knows the which morons those laughter belong to….Randall, Yohan and Graeme. Rhaegar knows they’ve done something to Andel….when will they leave him alone thinks Rhaegar. He doesn’t take lightly to bullies…he knows they don’t dare to try anything with him. They would get a world of hurt if they did. Why are they hatin’ on Andel wonders Rhaegar. He heads downstairs and finds most of the guys in the common room waiting for breakfast. The servants are rushing around preparing breakfast for us. He gives his courtesies to most…just nods to The Triple Decker of Dumb….his nickname for Randall, Yohan and Graeme. He walks over to Andel and sees how he’s doing…he clearly seemed upset. Andel doesn’t let in much to him but lets him know the same three idiots messed with him this morning. Andel promises Rhaegar he’ll get them back…particularly Randall. Rhaegar lets know Andel know he has back…for anything. He’s always in the mood to kick their butts. He steps outside to practice his swordsmanship a bit…and he find Amrose outside with animals as usual. It’s not too long after he hears the call to breakfast. Enso and Rhaegar walk in to the dining hall together…both sweaty from a great workout. Enso cheerfully offers his towel to Rhaegar who grudgingly accepts it…wet and smelly beyond belief. He takes it…Enso meant well…nasty but well.

Rhaegar sat next to his usual crew of Sheyba,Andel and Xagxyg. Sheyba’s plate was absurdly full…to the point of gluttonous. Jerji freshly showered….a long hot shower….sitting next to Arresh. It makes Rhaegar laugh to himself when he sees the most mischievous one out of us all sitting to Arresh like that. That’s bold. He sees Randal and Yohan snickering and pointing at Andel….a cold hard look towards made Rhaegar feel all that much better. Arresh stands and informs all the students he has a session starting in an hour. He wants all to be prepared and ready by then. Most of them head up and done any armor they have.
On the way to class…Rhaegar sees Randall and Graeme around Andel. He makes haste to them and stands right next Randall. All up in his grill and asks if there’s a problem. Randall..being the dolt he is..just looks and shrugs. Rhaegar catches Yohan sneaking up behind Andel and warns him. The three fools back off…Andel thanking Rhaegar for his help. Arresh begins to teach them on the different races and lands. The history of the regions. Rhaegar constantly answering any question presented to them….his studies came through. After a healthy lesson…the class is dismissed. The guys go their separate ways….Xagxyg sneaking off to enter the forbidden rooms as usual. Rhaegar spends the night reading…the sword and the book are both important to him. Night comes quick and all go to bed. Another day has come to an end…one day smarter, stronger and better.
Rhaegar again awakens to screams….what now he thinks. He heads down after meditating and gets a quick breakfast. Arresh has class early today. He sees Andel with the biggest smile and Xagxyg giggling to himself. The other side of the room has Randall looking devastated…..something happened and Rhaegar has to know what. Xagxyg tells him he crapped on Randalls face while he slept….so Rhaegar knew it wasn’t more than a fart….but Xagxyg said he’s going to get pink eye…that he believed. Andel has setup a bucket of cold water to fall on anyone who walked into his room….knowing it would be Randall. After eating a big stinky fart…he got an early morning shower with the window wide open on a brisk autumn morning. Sweet vengeance! Arresh had setup targets 20 feet away from them and with spears they had to hit them. The results varied…Ichino was spot on most of the time. All the while his hair flowing…how does he do that wondered Rhaegar. Arresh moved them farther back and had them use cross bows….and farther still and use longbows. Rhaegar wanted to do the best….he did well but not the best. He wouldn’t let this hold him back…just one class…there will be others. The next test was a bell that had to be rung on top of a wooden pillar. Under the pillar there was wooden plank 12 feet up and a rope and hook on the floor. Everyone rang the bell…some better than others. Rhaegar grimaced when it was Xagxyg’s turn….poor guy just couldn’t get up there all that well. At least he got it. Sheyba made it look easy enough…even showed off a bit at the end. Rhaegar wanted the most direct way…he wanted none of this jumping and climbing…he was going do this outside of the box. He walks over…charges his Orb of Acid and fires away….direct hit…but no Ding. The acid ate away the bell….he looks at Arresh and says “ding”. He gets a smirk and Arresh moves everyone on to the next test….Rhaegar is happy.
The next class was all about physical performance and he loved it. He brushed off Randalls attempt to knock him back…and when it was his turn…he dropped him. He looked Randall right in the eyes and with a look he told him…OWNED! Xagxyg was a wall…Amrose with all his sie couldn’t make him budge. That was priceless. Sheyba and Jerji was another thing. It was just weird looking at them…kinda pathetic. After that was over….Arresh gave us a quarter staff and has us un-arm each other. To Rhaegars delight he got Yohan as a partner. He enjoyed every moment when he took that staff out of his hands and pushed him off like a little girl. He reveled in the glory of ripping it out of his hands with his mace. Rhaegar would bet money that he saw Yohan get teary eyed. The final lesson was on grappling and tripping. Who better than to partner up with than Enso…Rhaegar wants to be the best…and to be the best you have to beat the best. Rhaegar got into a ready position…showing his martial arts understanding….and went in for the kill…Enso countered when the opening showed. They both locked into a power struggle….Rhaegar with a twist of his and a show of strength…drops Enso. I win today Enso claims Rhaegar. He picks up Enso and they embrace…fellow students…fellow brothers. Andel is paired up with Dante….this should be interesting. When Arresh calls for them to grapple….Andel steps back and commands Dante to drop…and he does. Arresh calls for the class to end. It was another great day….each to his own then off to bed. Xagxyg follows Arresh and they are both seen to enter the Observatory…that’s a surprise. Rhaegar feels content…he proved himself…and he shall keep doing so. What does Arresh have in store for us tomorrow he wonders. He’ll just have to wait and see.


Beautifully done Omar. It was thorough and personalized. Full 50XP. What does Arresh have in store for you?

Another Day at the Compound
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