Thinking in the clouds

Why did I jump? A strange question to ask when hurding down head first through the clouds. Bu​t​ then again ​I am the p​oster child for impulsiveness. Leaping without looking and acting first ​then​ asking questions later. Case in point. But truthfully there was little time to think. The roller coaster of emotions would have sent even Amros into a frenzy. It was his tone of voice when delivering the message that was the first indication that something was off. The slow, defeated tone was no way to tell your closest brother that you found their long lost father. So I waited for the impending second part of the announcement only to find out it was really an obituary. So I jumped out of reaction. I didn’t realize how high up the airship was
​ at the time and my feather fall activated quite quickly​. So there was no time to digest ​the recent news that my natural father was alive, at least alive up until just moments ago. So what is this feeling that grabbed me and tossed me over the side of the ship? I thought it would be the same feeling I had when Xagyg died. But its not. When comparing the two I can see that this new feeling didnt have the deep sense of loss, sadness that couldnt be described. It was overwhelming. This feeling seems born out of anger more than sadness. The more I think about it the angrier I get. The thought that the University sent my father on the same mission we are on was aggravating. The fact that they used me to blackmail him into this suicide mission was beyond infuriating. It was like hot magma coursing through my veins. They needed to pay for they did to both of us. Reperations needed to be paid. Revenge. That is this new feeling he had. I thought I felt it before but never this clearly. Never this pure. We could have been retrieving the item together, father and son, hand in hand fighting to keep each other alive. But I will never have the chance now, thanks to that dirty lying university claiming I was with them and he was doing everything he could to save me. My father was trying to find me. He was looking for me and now he’s dead.
The last bit of clouds finally part and I see the top of the fortress. I see my brothers, dots from this high up but I can recognize them no matter. And then the unmistakable shape of a red dragon. A slender ridged neck with large beating wings and a long tail whipping in the air. All in bright red with dark undertones. Amros always taught us that eye catching coloration like that was a warning sign in the wild, beware all who dare attack. And there by his terrifying talons was a sprawled remains of my father.
I no longer have control of my own body. My mind has lost consciousness. All I can sense is my heart beating at an incredible pace. Feeding my lungs with mana. Filling them frozen flame. And the last thought I have before I release everything in my chest, is “Die, murderer of my father! Die, you fiery thief!”


a_idelbi Anas

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